1D – Foreign Language, Geography/Biology



1D – Foreign Language, Geography/Biology



Subjects taught at extended level

Package of subjects to choose from

We recommend this class to:







Geography or Biology

Foreign Language




Biology, History, Physics, Chemistry, Civics, IT


Future students undecided whether to choose sports career at the Academy of Physical Education departments or continuation of education in e.g. uniformed services’ schools (military, police, fire department), also interested in tourism development and extending knowledge and issues related.

Students of this class have increased number of sports.

Foreign languages will be taught in an interfaculty system, in groups according to the level of advancement at basic and advanced levels; from the first day of learning.

Education in one-shift system.

Individual teaching with talented students.

Professionally equipped workshops.

Possibility of accommodation at the boarding school and alimentation at the school canteen.

Extracurricular Clubs.

Developing your interests at the school newspaper.

After-school activities in the School Tour Club – GAZDA.

After-school activities in team sections of sports.

Volunteering – The 8 Club, Food Bank.

Developing your interests at the school choir and band.

Tours and trips as part of international exchange programmes.

Candidates must have medical health certificates , a couch’s or a trainer’s opinion and parents’ written permission.